TJ shot extensive documentary footage of the Yellowstone fire. Much of it was broadcast in press releases and a documentary.

OUR MOUNTS : WE Fly Tyler Mid Mount Tyler Nose Mount our own Custom Gyro Mount and hand held aerials from smaller bubble or Robinson helicopters too small to take a mount. We have also flown some successful aerials from stiff wing planes.


TJ With Worldwind Chief Pilot Vince after successful shoot over Puget Sound

TJ's experience as an operator of Tyler mid mount and nose mount.also transfers well to the Continental mount. Operating these mounts is similar to operating the Steadicam. It is a matter of delicacy of touch, so as not to destroy the gyro induced steadiness by over controlling.



TJjr with our Light Weight Helicopter Mount in an A Star prepares to lift off in Northern New Zealand, December 2005.

Lens flare makes it a little difficult to see our mount which simply hangs from the top of the door. Setup time is much quicker than a Tyler midmount yet offers full gymball and gyro stabilization. Our small camera mount fits in the door way of most helicopters to free float a small camera, allowing our twin K6 gyros to stabilize the camera. This works suprisingly well, and is not very expensive. It will fit in small planes or smaller helicopters which can further contain costs.


TJ has shot hand held aerials, which were successfully used in many completed projects. He shot hand held of parachute jumpers diving from a Ford Tri-Motor in the opening of a documentary about smoke jumpers, filmed for PBS. These shots and the Tri-Motor cruising shots were shot hand held from a Navy Stitts open cockpit trainer.

In Zambia, Africa he shot HD hand held from the open door of a piper cub, these extensive extremely low level shots of the Lawonga River, sometimes under 3 feet off the water, were used in the Documentary film "Conservation Pathfinders" which aired on Earth Day as an environmental special.

In low budget corporate films TJ has shot successful aerials of corporate headquarters and installations from very small bubble type helicopters to save money. Clients for this shooting include :
Fluke Instruments, Accountants Microsystems, Raleigh Bicycles, and The Boeing Company.

Locations, setup, aerial travel, and needed equipment vary so widely that we will need to make a quote on your specific job.

local travel, equipment delivery to the field is .49 per mile round trip. Shoot Time is computed door to door Travel days to remote locations are billed as 1/2 days.

Fly us in the night before after business hours, and fly us back at the end of the shoot day and we work with no travel charges!

Shoot deals based on interesting work, continuing work, Interesting Travel, projects which assist Population issues, social issues and environmental issues.


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October 14, 2004